Month: January 2023

Kangaroo Island Community Broadcasters Inc.

Studio tidy up proceeding well

Michael Amor and David Hales have been working away in the background tiding up the studio both technically and aesthetically.   <- from this to this ->  (Photo: Studio desk before and after shots) David has been working on our cabling (spaghetti) and Michael built a cover for the back of the desk. All this…
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Business and chat over coffee on break

Hi Everyone, Lisa and Pete are having a couple of weeks off. They will be resuming the show in February. So stay tuned for more interesting info, fun and of course the round table chats.   KANGAROO ISLAND WEATHER Please support our 5KIxFM 90.7 Sponsors

KI Life hits the airwaves.

This week saw the inaugural show on air of KI Life. The topics range from people (the characters), the places and the events on Kangaroo Island. Each week David will talk to someone about their history on the island, how they came to be here and what they do now. So, stay tuned each week…
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The BiG tidy-up

(Behind the desk after years of changes.) The cabling at the station is under review and a big tidy up and labelling program is underway. We’d like to thank Wayne Faint Air-conditioning for supplying the new conduit for the rewire. Once I have a new photo, I’ll post it so you can see the difference.…
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We have been and are in the process of renovating. So, keep a look out for the changes in 2023. There’s new signage, new paint and a new look coming our way. So keep following us for up to date news.   KANGAROO ISLAND WEATHER Please support our 5KIxFM 90.7 Sponsors

Welcome to 5KIxFM 90.7

The new year (2023) is with us and we have lots of great things coming your way this year. So, stay tuned to 5KIxFM 90.7 for some great shows, music and talk. Possibly there’s some new shows coming. Let’s wait and see!   KANGAROO ISLAND WEATHER Please support our 5KIxFM 90.7 Sponsors