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Category: General

If you are out of range, somewhere else in the world or just prefer, you can Live Stream our station over the internet.

Just go to our LIVE STREAM page and choose an otion that suits you amd your device.

Then you can hear us anywhere you have an internet connection.


Category: General

Our radio transmitter is located in the centre of the island an signals may not reach certain areas. Alternatively you can Live Stream from our web site at 5kixfm.org.au

Category: General

.COM/.ORG What’s this about?

Previously 5KIxFM.COM was our domain for the web site. However, we are an organisation and as such we should use the .ORG suffix.

So, to make the transition smooth for everyone 5KIxFM.COM will remain in operation for people who knew us under that domain. However, it will switch to 5KIxFM.ORG once you are taken to the site.


Category: Sponsorship

Broadly, the answer is no. We take sponsorsips and as a sponsor you can have an on-air sponsor message. This can include a promotion for instance for a business but it must be clearly stated that you are a station sponsor.


This is XYZ here and we make wig wongs for a goose’s bridal. They come in grey, green blue and yellow. We are here to help you find the colour you need. You can call us on 1234-5678. STATION SPONSOR (or XYZ is a proud sponsor of 5KIxFM 90.7)

Check out our BE A SPONSOR page.

Category: Sponsorship

Our radio station on KI is our link to and from the community. When you sponsor you help to keep that vital link operational for all Islaners. As a benifit of sponsoring the station you get to have a Sponsor Message on air to promote your support for the station. It can be a business or personal related message to show that you support the KI community.


Category: Membership

We do several things that will benefit our membership.

  • Member Functions EG: a BBQ
  • Newsletters
  • Station updates
  • Music requests
  • Competitions
  • Attend General meetings (by appointment due to space limitations.)
  • & you can vote on the future of the station at the AGM.

We are open to more member benifits If you have an idea we can check it out and see if it’s workable and meets station goals.

Category: Membership

No, certainly not.

We appreciate any contribution you can make towards keeping 5KIxFM 90.7 active for the Kangaroo Island community.

If it’s just a financial membership fee, that’s fine.

Volunteering is totally up to you as to any, how much and how often you volunteer (or not).

We won’t take it personally. The bigger the group the better and the more we can do for KI.


Category: Technical

With FM radio signal many objects can cause interference. Such as:-

  • buildings
  • hills & valleys
  • reflective metal objects

You can try moving your radio receiver or antenna to improve reception.

Unfortunately, low on no signal areas may have to use our internet LIVE STREAM to overcome this issue.

Category: Technical

Our station utilises and FMX 101+ 100w Exciter to power an SRK Electronics 500 watt power amplifier.

This is in turn fed to 4 co-phased vertical dipoles on a 26 metre tower in the middle of the Island.

Category: Technical

Live streams take a while to process by our providers. Some are quicker than others. There also may be legal reasons for the particular streaming provider.

Some streams are just copies of our stream and so they are delayed longer. The original delay + their new introduced delay.

So, in short streams are delayed from 20 seconds to minutes depending on where you listen on line.



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