Spot Message Promos

Kangaroo Island Community Broadcasters Inc.

We offer short term sponsorship so businesses can get a message out to the community in the short-term.

These will consist of a 30 second sponsor message/promo to be played on air for an agreed number of time is a 24 hour period for a set period. EG: a week, ten days or month etc.

Fees to be negotiated for each message based on the number of times per day and duration of the message that will be played.

Ideal for:-

  • One time events
  • Special.
  • Product launches
  • News & Updates

Just email or call our Programming Manager (David Hales) on 0473 88 77 35. If he is unavailable, please leave a message as he has poor phone reception and he will get back to you. Alternatively, speak to any station committy member and they will arange for David to call you.

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