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You can help keep community radio going by sponsoring 5KIxFM 90.7

Message from the Sponsor Coordinators (Michael Amor & David Hales)


We are writing to you about our community radio station here on Kangaroo Island, 5KIxFM 90.7 on your radio dial.

Community radio is the voice of Kangaroo Island and its people and to help us continue to provide great music and programming, we need your help.

We are a community organisation like many other groups such as footy clubs, community groups and many others.

We provide a valuable service to Kangaroo Island such as entertainment, news and information that is focused on Kangaroo Island and of special interest to Islanders.

Our funding is derived by seeking community sponsorship to keep this valuable service operating.
We operate on the principle of Islanders supporting Islanders.

All of our day-to-day operational costs are paid for by sponsorship.

To keep our day-to-day services running we need sponsorship. The funds raised go towards electricity, rent, licensing and other costs associated with providing the service. We are not-for-profit organisation and no person is paid for their service to the station.

To keep 5KIxFM 90.7 on the air we need your help. A small amount of sponsorship funds each month from many people make the difference to station and the services it provides.

In return for sponsorship we offer Sponsor Messages on-air. A thank you for your assistance to 5KIxFM 90.7

This might include a:

⦁ Simple Message: XYZ is a proud sponsor of 5KIxFM 90.7
⦁ Small Promo: XYZ makes and sells ABC at 123 Street Kingscote. XYZ is a proud sponsor of 5KIxFM 90.7
⦁ Show Sponsorship: you can sponsor a show on the station and have dedicated messages
⦁ Event Sponsorship: You can sponsor 5KIxFM 90.7 at an Island event

We promote that you are an active part of our community by helping to support the radio station and the reference on-air promotes your part in our community. Making you stand out.

Whatever you decide, your sponsorship will be greatly appreciated and you will know it is going to a good, local, island based community service.

Should you wish to find out more about sponsoring 5KIxFM 90.7 there is more detail on our web site at: SPONSORSHIP LEVELS

Plus, you can call David Hales on 0408 818 096. He is more than happy to discuss sponsorship with you in a no-obligation manner.

5KIxFM 90.7 thank you for taking the time to read this message and hope you will be a part of the community radio station here on Kangaroo island.

Michael Amor & David Hales
Sponsorship Coordinators
5KIxFM 90.7

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