KI Sealink Racing Carnival 2024

Kangaroo Island Community Broadcasters Inc.

KI Sealink Racing Carnival 2024

What a great day we had at the races yesterday. It was a first for some of our crew with us never attending any race event in our lives.

The atmosphere was buzzing all day and Walter, David and Christine kept the program running all day till close.

We estimate nearly 3,000 people we at the carnival and this gave a wide variety of fashon for the judges to choose from.

There was one chap wearing a facinator but I don’t think he entered the competition. Well done to all the winners.

Several people came to our van and had a chat with us on air and Walter (one of the newest of our crew did a man on the field type interview run which gave us nine more in the can. You can hear them this Tuesday on Talkbak Tusdays with Christine and David at 11am.

We learnt a few things this year about the carinival which should make the next one even better.

5KIxFM would like to thank the Racing Club Committee for their help and cooperation.

A special thanks to Mark Turner as this was all a last mintue thing and he accommodated us without a hitch. Thank you Mark.

We would also like to thank Damien for assisting us establising a link with the station in town. Without his help it would have been a non event.

Well, that’s the wrap from this year’s racing carnival.

Here’s to catching you on the airwaves in the future.


David Hales

VP 5KIxFM 90.7



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