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Kangaroo Island Community Broadcasters Inc.

Why has our web address changed?

.COM/.ORG What’s this about? Previously 5KIxFM.COM was our domain for the web site. However, we are an organisation and as such we should use the .ORG suffix. So, to make the transition smooth for everyone 5KIxFM.COM will remain in operation for people who knew us under that domain. However, it will switch to 5KIxFM.ORG once…
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5KIxFM Live Stream

If you are out of range, somewhere else in the world or just prefer, you can Live Stream our station over the internet. Just go to our LIVE STREAM page and choose an otion that suits you amd your device. Then you can hear us anywhere you have an internet connection.  

Why can’t I hear 5KIxFM all over Kangaroo Island?

Our radio transmitter is located in the centre of the island an signals may not reach certain areas. Alternatively you can Live Stream from our web site at 5kixfm.org.au