FAQ Category: Technical

Kangaroo Island Community Broadcasters Inc.

Why is the live stream delayed?

Live streams take a while to process by our providers. Some are quicker than others. There also may be legal reasons for the particular streaming provider. Some streams are just copies of our stream and so they are delayed longer. The original delay + their new introduced delay. So, in short streams are delayed from…
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What causes interference or static?

With FM radio signal many objects can cause interference. Such as:- buildings hills & valleys reflective metal objects You can try moving your radio receiver or antenna to improve reception. Unfortunately, low on no signal areas may have to use our internet LIVE STREAM to overcome this issue.

What is the station transmitter power?

Our station utilises and FMX 101+ 100w Exciter to power an SRK Electronics 500 watt power amplifier. This is in turn fed to 4 co-phased vertical dipoles on a 26 metre tower in the middle of the Island.